What do you know about de-fibrillators?

There’s one already installed outside the Fox, an application has been made to site one at the Victory Hall, and one is planned for the old phone box on Church Hill. West Yorkshire Ambulance Service welcome these installations, which they feel will provide the village with effective coverage in the event of an incident.

But what happens if the need arises to use one?

To find out, come along to the Victory Hall on

SUNDAY 27TH JANUARY 2019 FROM 3-15pm TO 5-15pm

An Ambulance Service representative will brief you about:-

  • Basic life support
  • What to expect from the 999 service, and
  • What a defibrillator is and how to use it

This is a free session. If you’re able, please stay on afterwards for refreshments & a short Victory Hall special meeting to approve a new constitution).