THE BOSS & THE BEESTON STREET BAND – Live at the Victory Hall

Can you feel the spirit?!

Since forming in 2016, The Boss and The Beeston Street Band have been capturing the spirit, energy and soul of a concert by Bruce and The E-Street Band. This is no pastiche, look alike or sound a like. This band will grab you by the heart and not let go until they’ve given every last drop. They’ve never played the same set twice – every single one of Bruce’s 300+ songs are someone’s favourite and you could hear any of them at the show.

On 21st of September we’ll be throwing a big old party to celebrate Springsteen’s 75th birthday. The band will play hits, classics, favourite and rarities. You don’t want to miss this celebration of Bruce’s music!

Doors 7:30pm

Tickets £15   Buy tickets