Thorner Victory Hall – time for a change?

The Victory Hall & Institute has been in existence now since 1924, and has been managed as a registered unincorporated charity. All residents of the village aged 18 or over are members, the ownership of the land is in the hands of 3 trustees, and day to day management of the hall is by a volunteer management committee.

Currently the management structure means that Management Committee members could be potentially personally liable for disputed contracts and outstanding debts.

In recent years there have been changes in the type of organisational structure available to Charities, and the existing Management Committee feels the time is right to adopt a new approach. This means we are proposing to alter the structure so that Thorner Victory Hall becomes an Incorporated Charity – that will enable contracts to be set up in the name of the Charity, not individuals on the Committee, and removes the potential for personal liabilities arising. The land will be owned by the Charity, not held by the Trustees as at present.

First step in the process is to agree a constitution for the new organisation, and a draft has been agreed, based on a model Constitution published by the Charity Commission.  It must be approved by a vote at a special meeting of members. The main differences from our existing rules  are that the new constitution:-

  • Applies rules for the making of decisions by Members and Trustees
  • Clarifies the financial liability of Members and Trustees
  • Allows the Charity to own property and engage in contracts
  • Specifies a procedure in the event of the Charity being wound up

You can download a draft copy of the 15 page proposed constitution here

…or if you’d like a copy emailed, send a request to, or if paper is your preference ring John Calvert on 2893035 and a copy will be delivered.

A meeting to approve a new constitution will be held on


Agenda items will be to agree the changes to the constitution, and appoint the first Trustees of the new incorporated Charity so that we can then apply to the Charities Commission for registration.

If you are aged 18 or over, and a Thorner resident, you are eligible to vote on this important change. Your attendance will help show support from the village for the volunteers who manage this valuable resource.

The meeting will include refreshment, and follows a defibrillator awareness training session delivered by West Yorkshire Ambulance Service from 3-15pm to 5-15pm

We hope you will join us for both meetings!